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Welcome to PetSnap.com, a website of Shop Carolina, Inc, a family-owned business based in Easley, South Carolina.  We have proudly offered our personal selection of quality pet products for you and your pet since 2003. Every order at PetSnap.com receives our hands-on attention - we never use third-party call centers to handle your concerns. If personal service is important to you, we hope you will choose the websites of Shop Carolina, Inc. You can visit our web headquarters here

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Easley, SC 29640

Phone: 877-874-3726
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What our customers say About Us ...

Michelle Wrote:
Wow, you are awesome. This has been the best customer service experience I have ever had. Thank you for that. I will definitely be recommending your company to my friends and family. It's truly been a pleasure. I have just never seen such a quick response and follow up response. Thanks again!  

Belinda Wrote:
Thank you! It arrived safe & sound late this afternoon! Its a very nice product & so far, our dog is doing great in it. We got it for the car & are just letting him get used to it! Thanks again for great service and great product!!!

Kate Wrote:
I would just like to commend you on your company's exemplary customer service.  I work for a marketing agency that has a sub-business of e-commerce for one of our clients so I know how stressful things can get at times.  I also know how questions can go unanswered which is why  I was shocked to have received a message from you no more than an hour after I initially emailed.  If only everyone handled their business this way!  Thanks again!

David Wrote:
I want to thank you so much for getting the problem corrected and i have recommended all of our friends to your site for purchases. It is extremely hard to find a company that handles problems in such a timely and professional manor. I am extremely satisfied and just wanted to show my appreciation.

Ann Wrote:
I ordered a dog bed Monday after shopping for a few months.  The bed is exactly what I wanted and the quality is great.  Your price was half that of others I saw on the internet.  Your shipping was free so I expected to receive the bed in 10-15 days.  Was I suprised to saw the big box on my porch after only 2 days.  Keep up the good work you guys.  I'll be back to buy again.  I will also share your website with my friends. 

Ana Wrote:
WOW! our order was super fast we are so HAPPY, it is exactly what we were looking for and had almost give up on. No one else (and trust us we looked) had it. You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!

Amy Wrote:
Thank you for your amazing customer service.  It is still hard to believe that places like this exist still, but you definitely have a repeat customer here who will spread the good word about your site.  I attached a picture of my dog in the bed- I just opened the box, put the bed on the ground, and he jumped in it with his toy and won't come out.  There's a success story for you!  

Phil Wrote:
Kirk, Just to give you some positive feedback; it was exactly because you have put the attention into your site, that I ordered from you. All of the other sites I went to look at the O'Donnell product, had really poor information, pictures, and conflicting measurements. It was your clear pictures, and extensive details about the product that convinced me to order from you. Thanks and Happy Holidays to you.

Carol Wrote:
You're such a sweetheart Kirk thanks so much as I really need it with this new puppy. You have excellent customer relationship skills always trying to please and see there point of view. I wish you all the success you could possibly have in the New Year.

Evelyn Wrote:

Tina Wrote:
Thank you so much!!!!  Nothing beats doing business with a company owned by real people who care about their customers -- and who sell American made products too!!  It's such a rarity (and a pleasure).  I'm passing the word along. Thanks again.

Nicolle Wrote:
Kirk, thank you so much.  It's not often that I receive an email like yours with that much honesty.  I really appreciate everything. Looking forward to receiving everything! One amazing gift started it all...Merry Christmas!

Evelyn Wrote:
Hi, Kirk, I want to thank you so much for your help and informing me when Erica's steps were shipped. They got here in record time and she had no trouble getting used to them.  She is a mini (well, really a "tweenie dachshund) and she never hesitated going up or down them.  They are just right for her and high enough.  I am glad that I explored the internet and found Pet Snap. I will be in touch very soon as I am going to order  her one of those cave beds as she likes to cuddle and snuggle in and under anything she can get into. Thank you again.  We will be in touch.

Nicole Wrote:
I received it, and LOVE IT!!!! Thank you so much for everything!!! Your company is very thorough and prompt! I will highly recommend you in the future!!

Peggy Wrote:
Kirk, what wonderful customer service! I so appreciate your prompt reply. It has certainly been a pleasure doing business with your company and I know I will be a future shopper! Our big black lab appreciates it too!

Claudia Wrote:
Hi Kirk: Can’t thank you enough for the consideration of the phone call this morning, and now this follow up email.  It sounds very encouraging. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness!!

Toby Wrote:
It sure is refreshing to experience good customer service. I really appreciate your work on this. I look forward to our first trip out with the dogs. Again thank you.

Maureen Wrote:
Kirk-- Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know we receive the dog bowls for Nickie and Nugget.   They are BEYOND our expectations!  The quality is great, and the personalized portraits with their names on the front are SO well done! Thanks for providing such a terrific product!

Jamie Wrote:
Thanks so much Kirk. I appreciate your prompt response. Truly, you spoil me - I'm going to come to expect this service from other vendors and I know I'll just be disappointed. At least I know where to go for this kind of thing. Thanks for the update, and I promise to let you know as soon as I receive anything.

Chris Wrote:
A few weeks ago I ordered a Petwalk.  Not only was the item the least expensive I was able to find ANYWHERE, but shipping was free. When the package arrived, an insignificant piece was missing.  I emailed Shop-Carolina & they responded immediately, sending me the missing part within a few days.  I have recommended this site to everyone.  Not only do they have some unique items for gifts, but their Customer Service is outstanding.  Bookmark them !!!   Thanks again.

Rheba Wrote:
Absolutely amazing!  Thanks to you my mother will truly love her Mother's Day gift.  Thank you Kirk and thank you KNITTERS!  I am sure you will here from me again.

Carol Wrote:
I just wanted to let you know that the Auto Cruiser arrived this morning at about 9:30AM.  Thank you so very much for helping me by supplying information and also suggesting other areas where I could find shipping times.  I would be very happy to send an e-mail to whomever letting them know what helpful information you gave me and your kindness in working with me.

Devon Wrote:
I have to say I am impressed with your company.  Most businesses are not as accomodating as you have been and it is much appreciated.  We own our own business and 99% of it is done over the internet.  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and it is very refreshing to see that you do right by your customers too.  I would recommend your company without hesitation. Thank you.

Jan Wrote:
We received the order of the large luxury sofa. I was nervous paying such a high price for the sofa bed fearing our dog would not go in it,  he has rejected others I had purchased.  He is very selective and won't even get in to a flat bed without the sides. Any other orthopedic beds I had seen did not have the sides as yours did. Also, your offer of fabrics other than paw prints or dog bones was refreshing. So we took the chance. Usually when buying a new bed we have to encourage him to get in to it but not with yours. I wish that I had video taped it as it quite comical.  As soon as we took it out of the box and put it on the floor he immediately jumped in to the bed. He then proceeded to test it out with his various sleep positions ... lying down, snuggled on his side, upside down on his back, then he sat up sitting all happy and took turns giving each of us multiple kisses of thanks. Your O'Donnell luxury orthopedic sofa bed has passed his test with high approval! Thank you!

Marie Wrote:
First of all thank you for keeping me informed, it is very refreshing to find someone (company) that still exercises "CUSTOMER SERVICE". I hope to be very please with the bag when I receive it.  I would like to know if there is a means to add my comments and/or feedback to your website so that others may be able to read how pleased I am with the way I have been taken care of.  This is my first order from you but be assured that I will be a return customer for any of my pet needs that you may be able to provide. If there is no web link to leave feedback please share this with upper management.  Again thanks for GREAT customer service.

Patti Wrote:
You guys are super awesome!!! I got my dog bed the next day!!  I am so pleased with your service and thank you for being patient with me as I dealt with my bank problem.  I am completely blown away by such fast shipping.  Thank you so very very much

Keri Wrote:
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help! The item arrived at the correct (changed) address yesterday afternoon...just in time! Thank you again! I've been very pleased with my experience with your company.

Marie Wrote:
THANK YOU for that great news, the phone message and for all your time and patience. Brutus will be thrilled with his new bed tonight. I appreciate all the attention you paid regarding this matter and such great customer service.... Happy Holidays and keep up the good work through this busy time and thanks again from this grateful customer.

TR Wrote:
Hello. We received our order, and the bed is incredible. The color is perfect ,and the material is of a nice quality. The thickness and firmness is great also .Its hard to believe this is a dog bed, lol. Our dog (a spoiled pit bull ), absolutely loves it. Matter of fact, he was snoring harder than ever when he got it, because he was getting a much better nights sleep than on his old bed. We are very happy with this purchase, and will definitely recommend your company to others.

Jennifer Wrote:
Oh my gosh!  It is soooo beautiful!  I can't believe I got it already.  You and Jackie do wonderful work.  I will be sure to get a picture of it and send it to you.  Thanks again for everything, especially your patience.  God bless and happy holidays!

Sue Wrote:
Wow.......what awesome service!  We received our x-large beasley's couch today.  You guys are the best.  Like I said, I will check your website first next time I need to place an order for my pets.  I will highly recommend you to all my friends that have pets.  Thanks again and have a great day!

Cathy Wrote:
Hi!  I just wanted to send along a note of thanks for your outstanding customer service.  These days people are quick to complain but when it comes to recognizing good customer service, often it goes unacknowledged.  I plan on checking your website first when it comes to ordering more goods for my dogs.  Also, I passed on your website to a couple of other dog people I work with.  Take care and we look forward to getting our x-large bed for our German shepherd dog.

Judith Wrote:
Thank you so much for your help.  Your honesty and integrity are very much appreciated and I will be sure to promote you online business.

Shawn Wrote:
I am so excited - actually I'm a nervous wreck about the surprize party, but now you've given me one less thing to worry about! Thank you so much - you can count on me to tell everyone how great it is shopping at Shop-Carolina.

Lynn Wrote:
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I've never had such wonderful, personal response from any company.....you are great! So glad to get your email and voice mail regarding my order, what a relief to know the car seat and carrier will be here before my trip.

Valerie Wrote:
Wanted to let you know that the throw came today. It is gorgeous!!! I just can not believe the quality of the blanket. Thank you so much for working with me in creating the design.

Judy Wrote:
I have received my order, Saturday, July 1. The coats are absolutely beautiful and fit perfectly. Very well made. I am very happy with them. I will not hesitate to order from PetSnap.com again.

Sherri Wrote:
Your customer service is incredible! The quotes that I read from satisfied customers on your website are absolutely true! I am glad to be doing business with such a company. 

Kristen Wrote:
We received our stroller yesterday and I can't believe how quickly it was shipped! We love it and I just wanted to say thank you again!!!

Jack Wrote:
I really appreciate the time and attention to detail that you have exhibited. I hope I wasn't too big a pain,...sorry if I was. It is customer service like this that is becoming quite rare these days and I really do appreciate it. I will surely be a repeat customer and will pass your site on to others.

Diane Wrote:
Thanks. Once again, I appreciate your prompt response to this matter. Look forward to a future purchase. I'm most impressed with the product and the service.

Terre Wrote:
Just a note to thank you for your time in answering all my questions. Not many companies take the time or interest to answer questions so promptly...if at all. I think your customer service is great and I look forward to doing business with you in the very near future. 

Monica Wrote:
I just got my pink pet stroller today. Thank you soooo much!!! I can't believe how fast that was. My kitties and I have already taken 2 walks and it's wonderful! Not only were your prices the most reasonable, but you offered free shipping and lightning fast at that. I thank you so much for your great service and will tell everyone I know about you!

Jeff Wrote:
Congratulations on your excellent website! Finding what I was looking for was practically instantaneous, your ordering forms were quick to load and perfectly clear, -- altogether a great shopping experience.

Sky Wrote:
You have been great to do business with! We will contact you with any future needs and share your website with our clients!

Jim Wrote:
I just wanted to let you how pleased my family and I are with the throw. It arrived as promised, and when my wife opened it and saw our daughter and our dog, she was speechless. We are amazed at the quality of the weaving.I just wanted to thank you for your efforts, and to let you know how much they meant to our Christmas celebration.

Kyle Wrote:
Just wanted to drop you a note saying how much I appreciate everything you and your company has done to get me my throw to me before Christmas. I have delt with many internet companys and I have to say that working with yours has been the best experience I have ever had.

Rob Wrote:
I just wanted to say thanks. This time of year that is supposed to be about kindness to often results in it's being overlooked. Your representative went beyond trying to make a sale and tried to help me think of alternative solutions. I tried to find the item locally but could not. The integrity and honesty conveyed to me over the phone by Petsnap tells me that I am dealing with a quality vendor

Elisa Wrote:
I had absolutely no idea what an impact these beds were going to have on my two dogs. I have a feeling you'll be hearing from me again, with an order for another 8" thick Ortho Bed. Thank you for providing such a terrific bed for my "kids"!

Kellie Wrote:
Thanks a million!! I appreciate the super fast shipping. You are one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Thanks again!

Denise Wrote:
Thank you so much for your concern, it's refreshing to know that you can get that kind of service through the internet

Pat Wrote:
Thank you so much! I am really very pleased with the great customer service and will recommend you guys to anyone needing a bed!

Katrina Wrote:
Thank you so much it is absolutely beautiful, more than what I was expecting. It looks like they could jump right off the blanket. My friends are all asking where I got it from. I am so blessed to have it.

Joey Wrote:
I could spend a hour rambling on about how impressed I am with your customer service. This has been, by far, the best customer service I have ever received.