How to Measure for a Dog Bed

Dog Beds,how to measure your dog for their pet bed How to Measure your Dog for a Pet Bed
Measure your dog as it lies in its normal sleeping position. Start from the front legs or nose, whichever extend furthest, and measure to the back legs or rump.  Then add about 9 inches to this measurement to determine the proper dog bed size. 

Typically, rectangular beds yield the maximum amount of sleeping area and round pet beds provide the least amount of extra space for your pet.  For large dogs over 80lbs, Bolster Dog Beds or Pet Sofas are a great choice.

Selecting a Dog Bed
We know it can be difficult to buy a dog bed online, so we have compiled some dog bed buying tips and answers to some of our more commonly asked questions. If you are new to buying a dog bed, or simply not sure on which dog bed to buy, take a few moments to read the notes below.

Size versus Weight
Sometimes "weight" is used to describe the "size" of a dog bed; this can be misleading because dog breeds come in all shapes and sizes.  We have found that it is better to measure your dog using our guide and to select a size based on your measurement.   Generally, rectangular dog beds offer 9-12 inches more sleeping space than similar diameter round dog beds.  Remember - size does matter, and too small never works. 

If between sizes or you have doubt, select a dog bed one size larger; in most cases the price difference is not that much more.   Also remember, the filling in pillow dog beds and in the bolsters of pet sofas reduces the usable space available to your dog.  Always use the Internal (not the External) measurements in our dog bed product page descriptions as your guide.

What about Dog Bed fill, covers and washing?
We offer a variety of dog bed fill materials, including foam, poly-fiber, and mixtures of poly-fiber mixed with odor-reducing, activated carbon and cedar chips.  Not all dog beds come with removable covers; however at, we always note when they do not.  Unless otherwise noted, our dog bed covers remove for washing or replacement.  Both cover and fill, separate or together, are typically machine washable in warm water with mild detergent and can be machine dried using gentle cycle at low heat, or otherwise cleaned according to included instructions.

Orthopedic dog beds, and some pillow dog beds, offer a mixture of both regular foam and visio-memory foam.  Memory foam is dense, providing more support than standard foam.  Memory foam will retain its shape without matting or losing integrity or firmness over time or with use. Memory-Therm, another memory foam-type bed, is a combination of finely-shredded memory foam chips and poly-fill.  The result is a bed that is both extremely supportive and super-soft.  Covers remove from foam dog beds for machine washing and drying.

For environmentally sensitive pets, we offer hypoallergenic dog beds with removable and washable covers made from 100% natural cotton.

Which is the best Dog Bed for my dog?

Dogs simply appreciate having their own sleeping space.  Smaller dogs often like pillow or nest dog beds.  Pillow dog beds come in both round and rectangular shapes with a wide selection of washable fabric covers; and nest-type dog beds provide cozy, cave-like retreats.  Larger dogs tend to prefer bolster dog beds or pet sofa styles.  Older & arthritic dogs are good candidates for orthopedic dog beds which feature memory foam to provide extra support.  

If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, your dog might enjoy an Outdoor dog bed. offers waterproof outdoor dog beds, some with sun shades. Other outdoor dog bed designs sit a few inches above the ground to provide good cross-ventilation to keep your dog cool on hot summer days. We also have heated dog beds for indoor or outdoor settings to create a warm & cozy spot.

Which is the best Dog Bed for me?
People are more particular than their pets Smile and the best dog bed for you is most likely the one that perfectly fits your room and its décor.  At, we offer hundreds of size-shape-fabric combinations, many more than it is possible to stock at your local pet store.  Our hand-picked selection includes decorative dog beds and designer pet beds available with wood, wicker or metal accents.