How to Install your Snoozer Pet Car Seat in your Vehicle!

How to Install your O'Donnell Pet Safety Car Seat
First, connect the included strap on to the lap section of your car's seat belt. The strap has a quick release and can be adjusted if needed to allow your pet more free room once your car seat is installed. Next, place the pet seat into your car; the taller portion faces to rear. Move the shoulder strap portion of the seat belt through the back of the Pet Car Seat. Buckle the car seat belt, making sure that the lap portion is tight.  Finally, attach your pet's harness to the strap you connected to the lap belt ... and you both are ready to ride - its that easy!  Some folks keep the strap installed on the lap belt between uses. That way you can remove and easily re-install your Pet Safety Car Seat while the strap remains adjusted to you and your dogs liking. 

How Do I Remove My Car Seat Cover?
Its very easy to do. Each O'Donnell Pet Safety Car Seat comes with a removable cover that can be machined washed in warm water, no bleach and machine dried if removed promptly. If your just looking for a replacement cover click here for our O'Donnell Pet Safety Car Seat's come in 24 unique colors.